Our Law Firm

The law firm Di Gregorio, founded by Daniele Di Gregorio, offers legal assistance and legal advice in court and out-of-court proceedings in the areas of civil as well as penal law.

The distinguishing characteristic of our law firm is the maximum level of attention dedicated to the needs of our clients. The lawyer Daniele Di Gregorio offers our clients a highly specialized approach aimed at identifying and targeting the most appropriate solution in line with the objectives of the client. Our experience allows us to understand the distinctive character of each client and subsequently provide legal advice based on solid knowledge of legal and market conditions, which meets the highest expectations of the clients. We try to go beyond the traditional lawyer-client relationship in everything we do.

Direct involvement of the client in strategic planning and decision-making is the major goal of our firm, which made it possible over the years to create a strong, solid relationships with our clients. High integration capability and constant communication insures client’s awareness of decisive strategic decisions, guaranteeing dependency, continuity and full understanding of the client’s real goals and objectives (needs).